Adaptive Cutting board - Slice N Fun Commis chef

Adaptive Cutting board - Slice N Fun Commis chef

Adaptive Cutting board - Slice N Fun Commis chef

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This cutting board collection includes:
Herb Stripper + Acacia wood cutting board + Suction cups + Ingredient tray + Crinkle cutter

It is a multi-functional tool designed for one-handed use, it takes much of the worry out of food preparation and cutting. Cooking is possible even with a weak or paralyzed arm or hand due to stroke, arthritis, diabetes, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, hand surgery or any other disability.

Safe one-handed chopping. It comes with suction cups to lock the cutting board base to the counter. It also comes with an ingredient tray to organize the sliced ingredients.

Slice N Fun Force Links apply 2 lbs of constant force. You can easily hold vegetables and fruits without having them slip or the knife blade slipping. Whether you want to use your favorite style of the new Chef's knife, a grater or a peeler, or simply your kitchen knife and don’t want your fingers to get hurt, Slice N Fun has you covered.

Use the herb stripper to easily strip herbs and Kale. A juice container is provided around the cutting board to contain juices from foods like tomatoes.

Enjoy a beautiful Acacia wood cutting board in addition to the plastic cutting board. Plus you will get this easy to use crinkle cutter designed to work with the Slice N Fun. It has been ergonomically designed to give you the ability to make precise cuts so you can make your food look great.

The Slice N Fun parts are made with premium food-grade materials.  Fork holders are made from rust-free 304 (18/8) grade stainless steel. The Slice N Fun is designed with a hanging hole for easy hanging or can be stored inside a typical kitchen drawer.

The cutting boards are BPA-free, recyclable and tested to meet stringent FDA and EU requirements. The Acacia cutting board appearance will vary depending on the wood grain. You can use both sides and when its time to replace, you'll save tonnes of wasted plastic. The plastic cutting board is also dishwasher safe!

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