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“I was frustrated with the lack of safety when using a knife and also frustrated with the lack of mainstream cutting board manufacturers not addressing those problems. There are over 100,000 ER visits every year due to kitchen knife-related finger injuries."

"Through my design, I have been able to create an environment of safety for anyone who wants to establish a habit of cooking healthy food on their own, to get engaged in actively controlling their diet and who wants to learn how to cut fresh food safely.”⁣ says Amit Tandon, a Boston University graduate who started Slice N Fun after 24 years designing consumer products as a mechanical engineer.

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1. Adam M., California
2. Kathy H., Pennsylvania
3. Joey M., Tennessee
4. Lisa L., South Carolina
5. Kelly F., Alabama
6. Yvonne T., Wisconsin
7. Michael B., Ohio
8. Chris
9. Winner did not confirm
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About us

Slice N Fun is a startup with a super fun cutting board and cooking tools to boost your health, confidence and safety. Become a part of our movement. US patent pending.