Kids in the Kitchen

Kid cutting vegetables


Our relationship with our children needs to be re-invented and this is the right time for it. Learning to cook can be an important purpose that can help kids positively.


How do I as a parent give them that purpose?

Start small, maybe help them find a purpose for the next hour and then for half a day…it has to be them…it can be making a salad of their favorite vegetables, or crinkle cutting some fruit of their choice, anything... or just taking the fresh produce out of the refrigerator. But it has to be their choice... Going to school and studying is a purpose, yet it is not enough. You have to help them dig deeper. You have to teach them the art of healthy eating…


Allow your family to help in the kitchen and save time

Divide kitchen prep among family members. Remember -- kids have fun in the kitchen! With their help, you can get more done and have more time to enjoy with your family.


How Slice N Fun can help?

Safety when introducing your kids to knives is very important. You have to carefully supervise them when they are learning to cook. Slice N Fun provides a safe environment for kids to come up to speed with slicing, chopping, dicing vegetables or fruits. It is just like using training wheels when learning how to ride a bike. See how Slice N Fun is better than just a cutting board and a knife.

Here are some activities they can do as recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - It is up to parents to supervise what tasks their kids can do.  


Kids that know how to cook eat more vegetables

Over time they will start learning what oil to use when they cook. They will find out which fats are healthy. Which vitamins the vegetables provide us and so on...Teaching them to make healthy choices early one will help them take interest in their own health and well-being. And you will be assured that when they leave home they will stay away from unhealthy fast foods, not starve, save money and stay healthy!


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