Cooking with Arthritis, stroke or trigger finger

“The ideal position for the helping hand is called the bear claw, with the fingertips curled under and knuckles pressing down on the ingredient to keep it from rolling or sliding. It may feel odd, but it’s the safest place for your fingertips to be in relation to the cutting blade.” - is typical advice from chefs. Arthritis or other finger issues can cause your fingers to become stiff and reduce strength in the grip. Also, this kind of holding method is very awkward and most users don’t use it because of that. It is not an ergonomic way to hold food while cutting.

Slice N Fun provides a new more comfortable way to hold your food while slicing, dicing, peeling, grating, zesting or stripping herbs. It also comes with 4 suction cups that hold the base securely to the counter so you can cut food at any speed you like without worrying about getting hurt.

The stainless steel fork holders can be easily moved and automatically lock to bite and hold the food in place.

The fork holders can be moved with the right or left hand with a comfort palm grip provided for the non-dominant hand. The Lifter can also be hooked into the fork holders and provide leverage to lift the fork holders with only 1 lbs of force.    
Fork holders come with blunted teeth - Just like the fork you use at home.
Click here to find out more safety features Slice N Fun can provide to help you enjoy cooking just like you always did!