Seniors can now cook safely and independently

Why Design a Cutting Board for Seniors?

  • When older adults are involved, the right tools are essential to make cooking more comfortable and safer. Most seniors have issues with holding things properly. Though many older people love cooking, some may shy away from food preparation because of the fear of cutting themselves. This fear makes seniors rely on unhealthy takeaway foods instead of freshly prepared foods.
  • Often seniors have people to assist them with cooking. This assistance results in some seniors feeling uneasy and having feelings of lack of purpose that can go with being dependent on others for their daily living needs. Those that love cooking among older people may also feel bad because they’re no longer able to do what they love independently due to the fear of cutting themselves while preparing foods that involve cutting and chopping, such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Furthermore, some seniors who wish to cook, use walking and standing aids. This dependency makes it hard for them to use both hands while preparing foods. Such older adults cannot use both hands while preparing meals to cook and need a cutting board that allows them to prepare foods with one hand.
  • Most importantly, older adults have a high need for proper nutrition, and the needed nutrients can only be acquired through eating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. When there is no help around, it’s hard for many seniors to cut and enjoy these fruits and veggies. For the older adults to eat the fresh and healthy foods they should, they need a safe tool that’ll enable the seniors to cut what they want independently without having the fruit or veggie slip, resulting in the seniors cutting themselves.
  • With the Slice N Fun special cutting utensil, you have a tool that provides a one-handed operation that’ll make seniors’ cooking safe and independent. The device offers safety for both fingers and hands, while the older adult uses it to cut fresh vegetables and fruits.
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