Should I Stay at home or Go back to Work

Should I Stay-at-home or Go back to Work? Many moms are faced with this question after they give birth.

This is actually the wrong question to ask – the right question to ask yourself is - What form of self-expression suits me best? I would say you should ask this question before you make the decision to give birth. It depends on your personality. The closer you stay true to who you are, the easier your life will be going forward.

Work gives our life purpose and meaning. It is a form of self-expression for most of us. You don’t have to choose one over the other. Staying at home or going back to work are both the same, once you change your perspective.

Do I want to express myself as a mom over and above everything else? Self expression is not only the way we sing, dance, paint or write. Giving birth to a child is a form of self expression which requires you the mom to stay involved with the new creation for a long time. You must make this inner choice of self-expression. Just like a painter paints a masterpiece to satisfy his inner self and feels rewarded just from the beauty of the painting he created. You must feel rewarded inside from the giving birth and nurturing of the newborn.

Once you understand your own feelings, you will know that your commitment to your child is actually a form of self-expression that even the greatest painter in history cannot match. Just like a painter painting a masterpiece looses track of time, and does not remember if it is day or night. You will enjoy your life whether you are changing the 9th diaper of the day or waking up at 3 ‘o’ clock to a crying baby. You are a mom with younger kids or older kids the self-expression just changes form. It is there when you are packing lunch or making dinner.

Just know that those are colorful brush strokes that now paint your new life. You are the mom painter creating this beautiful new masterpiece with love.

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