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Why Design a Cutting Board for New Mothers?

  • A sharp knife is an essential tool in a cook’s arsenal. Your knife serves as an extension of your arm when cutting food items.
  • With the stress and distractions involved in having an infant, it’s not unusual for new mothers to accidentally hurt themselves while using a regular kitchen cutting tool. This risk makes it necessary for you to have a cutting gadget that’s not harmful to you and will make you cooking safer and more convenient.
  • Also, it’s not unusual to see moms juggling between cuddling their baby and chopping fruits or veggies on the cutting board. Doing these two tasks at the same time becomes challenging when you need to hold the food item in place on the board. Such multitasking makes it crucial to have a kitchen gadget that’ll make cutting fruits and veggies while holding a fussy baby, easy.
  • Most of all, nursing moms have a higher need for nutritious, healthy, and fresh foods to replenish the nutrients lost through breastfeeding. Because of all that taking care of a baby involves, some moms find it hard to find the time to prepare healthy food for themselves and their families. They order take-home foods and drink fruit juices in a bid to gain nutrients easily.
  • However, these delivery foods are not healthy. For you to nurse your child and prepare healthy meals for yourselves, you need every tool possible to make what you have to do easier and convenient.
  • With the Slice ‘N’ Fun special cutting utensil, new mothers have a tool that provides one-handed operation. You can use it to cut fresh vegetables and fruits with a single hand. In addition to making cooking easy and convenient, this kitchen cutting tool provides safety for both fingers and hands.
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