The perfect cutting board for millenials

Why design a Cutting Board for the Digitally Inclined Chef?

  • In the digital era, almost everything is done via the internet or with the help of smart devices. Millenials are developing a craving for more savory and nourishing recipes, and with the rise in online chefs, TV cooking guides, and nutrition experts, it’s understandable that most digital-savvy individuals cook with a friend, nutrition coach or online chef via their smart device.
  • Though this method of cooking makes it possible for one to enjoy a variety of recipes, including those from distant cultures, it’s not unusual to get distracted by the smart device, while cooking.
  • According to statistics, over 100,000 emergency room visits yearly originate from accidents that occur while using a knife on a cutting board.
  • Everyone, even world-renowned chefs are prone to distractions while in the kitchen. These distractions increase when one is cooking with a smart device because of juggling between looking at the screen and focusing on the chopping board. With the slightest mistake, you can quickly get a severe cut if your kitchen slicing tools are not designed with safety in mind. Suitable for the digital chef are cutting boards like the Slice N Fun cutting utensil that comes with safety features.
  • Additionally, the hazard of injuring one’s self by getting cut while preparing food along with a TV chef can lead some cooks to resort to ordering meals rather than cooking for themselves. Delivery meals, however, are generally known to be unhealthy and lacking in nutritional value. With safe and reliable cutting equipment, this source of fear while in the kitchen is eliminated, and millenials can now prepare their food along with their favorite online chef without the fear of cutting themselves due to viewing two things at the same time.
  • Moreover, cooking with a safe cutting board makes cooking faster, saving you the time so you can do other activities you enjoy.
  • With the Slice N Fun cutting utensil for digital-savvy cooks, you have a tool that provides a one-handed operation that enables you to do your cutting while following your instructor’s directions from your smart device.
  • The Slice N Fun cutting utensil is the ideal kitchen cutting board for the young and budding chef.
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