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Smart devices in the kitchen

Smart devices in the kitchen

Over a 100,000 people were seriously injured while cutting food in 2018 (source: Consumer Product Safety Commission - National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, NEISS)

But cutting boards and knives have never changed since their invention in the Stone Age. Knives require sharpening, not everyone knows how to sharpen one. You are also required to learn the not very ergonomic claw grip and to constantly pay attention to your fingers. 

The cutting boards are not even designed to best serve how we actually cook today, i.e., while we follow our recipes online on our smartphones or tablets. 

Cloth gloves can offer some level of protection but they harbor germs and bacteria. They are cut resistant and not cut proof. They can get wet. They can also cause cross contamination. They must be washed every time you use them, not to mention that every cook in the house will need a set. 

Finger protectors can offer some protection but cause problems with gripping the foods properly. They are clumsy and not ergonomic. Also they don’t work for thumbs. It is also hard to remember to wear one every time you need to cook. Most cooks want their hands to be free so they can multi-task. 

There needs to be a solution that makes it easier to hold food and gives ultimate versatility to the cutting board. It allows you to easily cut and organize each ingredient of the meal. 

Slice N Fun is a versatile zero-injury cutting board design removing the need to constantly watch your fingers while you cook. It helps adults and kids take control in the kitchen and safely cut food. 

*For every 10 Slice N Fun cutting boards purchased we donate 1 to someone with special needs or disability who cannot afford one.