Screen Time – What it really is telling about you and your child?

How much is enough?

If you are facing these questions everyday then you have come to the right place. I thought about this and here’s what it really means:

Lets first talk about “Time”? What is your definition of time? If you tell me well that’s easy I know what time is its years, months, weeks and days, hours and minutes and seconds. I will then have to ask you why do you care so much about time? The answer is well, so I can make sure that the things that need to be done at that time get done.

Ok then you have the short answer to your first question – If you are getting things done that need to be done – Your child is getting A’s in all his classes, he/she is working on their projects and meeting their goals. Then it does not matter much how much screen time? Or Does it?

Time is really man-made divisions. If we are immersed in something, time goes by easily. That’s what screen time really is – It has an immersive quality to help us pass time. Then the question becomes, why do you need something immersive? You need that so you can enjoy your life without caring about time.

Too much screen time is a sign that you are missing that ONE important goal in life which is immersive. If you can keep yourself immersed in something so interesting that you don’t care about “time” then you will have very little need for screen time. The question itself of “how much screen time?” will then become meaningless.

So if you or your child is feeling the need for a lot of “screen time” then you have to look at it at a much deeper level and find that one immersive goal in life.

Once you have found that ONE immersive goal that you enjoy the most then you will not have the need for screen time.

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