How to develop good qualities in your child

A week ago we went out for dinner. The food was delicious and freshly cooked. It was jackfruit and Moong dal with rice. In the early morning hours, an emotion of arrogance overcame me. I had never experienced this emotion in my life. I couldn’t explain why? Then I started remembering the servers at the restaurant. Their faces and actions reflected arrogance.

How could that be?

When we eat, we not only eat with our body, it is also an emotional experience. Our mind becomes more receptive to our environment. The cells in our body become receptive to the underlying emotions in our environment.

After realizing what had happened, a few hours later, that emotion went away.

Moms cooking at home, fill yourself with the same emotions that you want to give to your child. When you serve them dinner, you will have transferred that loving emotion to your child.

If you want your child to become more truthful and honest, fill your mind and heart with that emotion before you serve that meal to your child. You will see that your child’s mind will absorb that emotion along with the food. Over time it will reflect beautifully in their character.

If your child is a picky-eater, fill your mind with an emotion of acceptance of all different foods. Peacefully serve that meal with that emotion in your heart. You will see that your child will change!

We all want our children to be something great, something better than us. We have to fill up our cup first with that emotion before we can serve that to our children.

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