Corona Virus And The Spirit Of Invention

Yes, they are working on inventing a vaccine for the corona virus, but that is not the only thing that needs to be invented. Just like a textbook example of the theory of Darwin’s natural selection and evolution, right now we as a species have to struggle and fight against it. We are living that theory. We have the intelligence from our medical leaders to self-isolate and defeat this. Yet the spirit is only somewhat there to follow it because we have time but no ideas on how to spend it.

We have kids but nothing to play.

I saw this morning a lot of posts and cartoons, how screen time should be pardoned for it is a difficult time, and there are other things that are more important.

And I say why?

Our relationship with our children needs to be re-invented and this is the right time for it. Everyone has a purpose in life. Too much screen time is just a reflection of that purpose missing from your life or your children’s life. Give them purpose, give them meaning. Give them a mission. Once that purpose is there, they will not feel the need for screen time. That one purpose that they will be interested in so much so that they will not be whiling away their time.

How do I as a parent give them that purpose?

Start small, maybe help them find a purpose for the next hour and then for half a day…it has to be them…it can be singing, dancing, anything..But it has to be their choice... Going to school and studying is a purpose, yet it is not enough. You have to help them dig deeper. You have to teach them the art of self-discovery…

By that I mean there is something in their spirit something that kindles it and lights that fire inside them. Something that is in their heart, that lifts their spirit when they do it. Something that’s not what you found for them, something that they discovered on their own.

Some thing that inspires them to stay involved…yes…they are young...And it is not all about you trying to do something or making them do something.

You are that observer, your job is to observe without being observed.

Whenever I visited California State Science Fair (as a judge) for high schools, the remarkable spirit of invention in them was visible on their faces and how eager they were to explain to me what they were busy creating…

I don’t remember buying much in the name of toys when I was young…it was about going to the playground and inventing a new game to pass the time…sometimes a a tire and a stick or just running in the water puddles.. so give them that space…something that frees up their thinking…maybe just a walk to soak up the sun…or a bike ride…something to free up the mind…

Self-expression and self-discovery can take place when you create that spirit.. Your children are your treasure. And it is a journey…so don’t mistake it for a destination but that would mean only one thing…that you have stopped.

Spirit of invention is what makes us who we are, and keeps us going…wherever you are in it, never stop inventing yourself...

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