How Slice N Fun Force-Link™ Cutting Boards help you slice like a PRO

The Heart of the Home
Every scrumptious home-cooked meal starts with the food prep, and an injury can derail that in an instant! With our safe and adaptive cutting boards, those injuries are a thing of the past!

You can slice, dice, chop, and mince to your heart’s content single handed when you use our chopping boards for kitchen!
A Smart Kitchen Accessory

Over a 100,000 people were seriously injured while cutting food in 2018 (source: Consumer Product Safety Commission - National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, NEISS)

Distractions can cause accidents...

Trying to answer a call or looking at something on your smart device while you are cooking is dangerous. When you are creating recipe videos for your social media accounts, you can get distracted. You maybe talking to your audience
or looking at the camera and chopping the ingredients.

Slice N Fun is a one-handed cutting board design that allows you to safely cut food even while you are distracted.

Learn Knife Skills In Minutes

Weekly Meal delivery services can be 3 to 5 times the cost of cooking at home. Cooking at home can save you money as much as a monthly car payment. If learning knife skills is something that has been stopping you from making healthy vegetarian meals at home, we can help you get started.

With Slice N Fun, one-handed cutting board you can easily lock foods and start cutting to the size and shape needed in your favorite recipe. The precision grip Crinkle cutter can give a fun and attractive texture for snacking on fruits.  See quick tips from Chef Joanna

5 Activities for Kids

Kids love interacting with new things, especially when there is a reward. See more tips on how to introduce your kids to healthy eating

Crinkle cut a cucumber

Peel a potato

Strip Rosemary leaves

Grate cheese

Slice an apple

With a single handed cutting board kids in cooking classes can focus more on their cooking skills. Parents will have to worry less about their finger safety.

Slice N Fun
Assistive Aid for Cooking

Arthritis, tendinitis, stroke, trigger finger or hand surgery can make it challenging to enjoy cooking at home. Slice N Fun is a one handed cutting board that can become a part of your daily exercise therapy.

We provide you with comfort grips & movements that can strengthen your hands & fingers while you prepare a healthy meal. 



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